Patient Relations Office

To find a patient please call 204-837-0111.

The Patient Relations Officer assists patients and families in navigating the health care system to ensure quality care and good customer service.

If a problem arises that can't be resolved with your care providers, a patient and family can request that the Patient Relations Officer become involved to assist in getting questions answered and to ensure that patients and families' voices are heard and understood.

It is not necessary to await a problem prior to asking to speak with the Patient Relations Officer. Sometimes patients and families will feel that they need to speak to a third party about their concerns to find out what resources are available to them. Sometimes patients and families need to have someone to whom they can speak confidentially about matters.

Patient Relations files are kept separate from medical chart information and they are confidential files. The Patient Relations Officer is also involved with Critical Incidents declared within the hospital and the region, as a support person to the patient and family throughout the investigation and afterward.

The Patient Relations Officer has a direct reporting line to the COO of the hospital.

Please contact:

Patient Relations Officer
Grace Hospital
300 Booth Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3M7