How to Apply

Thank you for expressing interest in our Volunteer Program.

Volunteers must be prepared to contribute a minimum of 25 hours of service over a minimum of a 3 month period. The minimum age to volunteer is 14 years.

What to expect when you apply to become a Grace Hospital Volunteer

Step 1 - Applying

  • Applying to volunteer is much like applying for a job. We take many factors into consideration before accepting volunteers to assist at the Grace. Because we take our responsibility for patients/residents seriously, we screen all applicants thoroughly. Completing our application as thoroughly as possible will help us assess your suitability for volunteering in a health care environment.

  • If you are under 18 years of age, you must complete the Volunteer Application Form which requires Parental/Guardian Consent. This application form can be found online or by calling our office at 204-837-0369.

Step 2 - The Interview

  • When we are in need of more volunteers, a Volunteer Resources staff member will call you to arrange a date and time for an interview and will ask you to bring the Parent/Guardian consent form (if under 18) and submit three (3) references at the time of the interview.

Step 3 - Screening

  • After your interview, a Volunteer Resources staff member will contact your references

Step 4 - The Offer

  • If a successful match is made between your skills and abilities and an available position, Volunteer Resources staff will offer you a volunteer position. If you decide to accept the offer, a start date will be determined.

  • If you are a student getting credit hours for your volunteering, it is your responsibility to track your hours to ensure you are meeting your school's hour requirements.

Step 5 - Training & Orientation

  • On your first day, your immediate placement supervisor will provide you with a volunteer identification badge, a general orientation to the office/site where you will be volunteering. You will then receive specific training for your volunteer position.

  • You are now ready to begin volunteering!

Apply now!

To begin the volunteer induction process,
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I am 14-17 years of age and I want to apply as a volunteer

I am 18 years of age or older and want to apply as a volunteer