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Welcome to Grace Hospital

SCREENING: Everyone entering the hospital must wear a medical mask provided by the Grace, pass the screening requirement, practice proper hand hygiene, and always maintain physical distancing.

DESIGNATED ENTRANCES: Entry to the Grace is permitted only through the Emergency Doors (24-hours a day) and the main front entrance (7am – 8pm). 

APPOINTMENTS: Scheduled surgeries, appointments, diagnostic tests, and lab work for out-patients continue unless you have been notified otherwise.

Visitor Access

Effective Thursday, March 17, 2022

Expanded visitation – Phase Two

  • Up to two General Visitors will be permitted, if space permits.
  • Vaccination status is not longer a requirement for visitation
  • Screening is required upon entry for managing visitors. Visitors will be provided a medical mask, required to sign in and perform hand hygiene.
  • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the care team

For details and exceptions, review the resources below:

Essential Care Partner and Visitor Guidelines for Acute Care

Acute Care Visitation FAQs for families

Please click here to view Acute Care Visitation FAQs for families

Virtual Visits: Loved ones are encouraged to keep in touch with patients through phone and video calls. We encourage all loved ones to use the Well Wishes Program. This is a free service which gives loved ones the opportunity to send patients a personalized greeting.


  • Had close contact with someone with a confirmed COVID-19 case.
  • Had close contact with someone being tested for COVID-19 at this time.
  • Been instructed to self-isolate or self-monitor.
  • Have cold or flu symptoms.



Masks continue to be required at Grace Hospital and a medical mask will be provided prior to entry. Exceptions exist for children under 5, those who cannot put on/remove them on their own, and those actively experiencing breathing difficulties.

Exceptions for medical reasons will be considered with a note from your health care provider.  Visitors are reminded there are no valid face mask medical exemption cards available in Manitoba. These cards will not be accepted at the Grace.

Please keep your mask on for the entire duration or your visit, unless instructed otherwise by our staff to receive care.

About Us

Grace Hospital is and has been a place where many of life’s most important moments take place. The Grace Hospital plays an integral role in the delivery of health care services in Winnipeg, and has done so since 1904. We are currently one of three acute care sites in the city, providing full services in our Emergency Department, in critical care, as well as providing a full complement of acute care services.

As our patient, we see you as a person first. You are unique and special, and your health care needs are equally unique and special. Our job is to address those needs as effectively as possible.

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