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Our goal at Grace Hospital is to get you well and to get you home. Grace Hospital’s discharge planning process will help you safely and comfortably transition back to your home environment or other appropriate environment.

Once your health care team has determined you can go home, they will work with you and your family to facilitate this process.

On the day of discharge, your time for release will be determined by staff. You are asked to leave promptly, so that your room can be prepared for the next patient. The dayroom on your unit is a comfortable place to wait for pick up if you cannot leave early in the day.

Note: Surgical Daycare patients are discharged by 6:30 am.


15 minute patient pick-up parking is available in the loop at the main entrance to the hospital.


If your family transports you by wheelchair to the main lobby at the time of discharge, simply leave the wheelchair in the main lobby, and we will have it taken back to the unit.


Please remember to pick up any valuables you have left in safekeeping from the Cashier Office (located in the Admitting area) before leaving.

Patient Accounts

If you have any outstanding balances related to room accommodations or other services, please stop by the Cashier Office (located in the Admitting area) and settle your account before leaving.

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