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Your Privacy

The Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIA) is a provincial law that governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information within the health care system. In accordance with the Act, all your personal health information is collected and used in a confidential manner.

Personal health information includes:

  • Your name, age, address and Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN).
  • Details about your health, history and the care you have received.
  • Details about payment for the health care you receive.

We only share your personal health information with those who need to know it, in order to provide your care:

  • Those at The Grace or in the community who are directly providing, monitoring or evaluating your health and health care.
  • Learners who are members of your health care team.
  • Those who require such information to conduct health or illness-related research, or to plan and evaluate care in Manitoba.
  • Demographic information will be shared with Spiritual Care providers in the community and the Grace Hospital Foundation, unless you request that it not be shared.

Your rights related to your personal health information include:

  • Examining your personal health information.
  • Receiving a copy of your personal health information upon request (photocopying costs apply).
  • Requesting your personal health information be corrected.
  • Giving permission for your personal health information to be shared with others when this is required by the Act (PHIA).
  • Making a complaint to the Provincial Ombudsman’s Office about access to or about collection, storage, use or disclosure of your personal health information.

For questions about PHIA, please call Grace Hospital’s PHIA Officer at 204-837-0167.

Privacy Code / Anonymous Stay

A privacy code means that if individuals inquire about you, whether over the phone or in person, we will not divulge that you are a patient. Please declare your wish for a privacy code upon admission, or discuss it with a member of your health care team on the ward.

Additional Resources

For information on Privacy from the WRHA , click here. 

For information on how to request to see or get a copy of your personal health information, click here. 

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