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The Hospital has three main entrances:

  1. Emergency Department entrance
  2. Admitting entrance
  3. Visitor entrance

The entrances are clearly marked. The Emergency Department Entrance is located on the East side of the Grace Hospital and the Admitting Entrance is on the West side of the complex. The Visitor Entrance is located right at the front of the hospital and opens into the main lobby.

Admitting (Patient Registration)

You can access the Admitting area through the Admitting Entrance. It is located on the main floor of Grace Hospital.

Admitting can also be reached through the main lobby by following the corridor past the parking pay station (the corridor that runs west along the front of the hospital). The main Admitting area also includes the Inquiry Desk and the Cashier Office.

All patients must report and register at Admitting, unless they are a patient at the Adult Medical Clinic, here for a diagnostic test in our Diagnostic Imaging Department, or here for Orthopedic Clinic, Endoscopy Clinic or Pre-Admission Clinic.

Main Admitting Area – Main Floor

For all admissions, surgical, etc., with the following exceptions:

  • Adult Medical Clinic
    The Admitting area for the Adult Medical Clinic is located in the most western part of Grace Hospital in the former Emergency Department.
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    If you are here for a diagnostic test (such as X-Ray, ultrasound or CT scan) please report directly to the Diagnostic Imaging Department, main floor.
  • Orthopedic Clinic / Endoscopy / Pre-Admission Clinic
    Please take the elevators to the 2nd floor.
  • Vascular Clinic
    The Vascular Clinic is located in the Dorothy Wood Building. Please travel down from the main floor to the ground floor and follow the directional signage to the Dorothy Wood Building. From the street, the Dorothy Wood Building is 408 Booth Drive. Take the elevators to the 2nd floor.

Please remember to bring your Manitoba Health Card as well as any personal / private health insurance cards you might have.

Parking is available near the clinic. Enter off of Booth Drive, north past the main entry to the hospital and park in the designated lot.

Patient Identification

For safety purposes, we always verify your identity with at least two personal identifiers before proceeding with any treatment.

  • Upon admission you will be provided with an identification bracelet. Please verify the information is correct and wear it at all times. If your identification bracelet becomes lost or damaged, please inform your nurse or health care provider immediately.
  • Your health care provider will be verifying your identity by asking your first and last name and date of birth, before any treatment or tests, including check-in for appointments, diagnostic testing, administration of medications, etc.

Out-of-Province / Foreign Residents

Canadian citizens must present their provincial health information upon admission.

Canadian citizens who do not have their provincial health card with them and all non Canadian citizens must make arrangements for payment for their care via credit card or cash prior to or upon arrival at the hospital. Non Canadian citizens must also sign a waiver of liability.